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Kessler + Co is a leading manufacturer of drive components for heavy mobile equipment. We develop and produce planetary axles, wheel drives, and gearboxes for a variety of different applications including construction equipment, mobile cranes, material handling equipment and mining vehicles. With a production area of 130.000 sq. metres Kessler + Co produces approximately 45.000 axles and gearboxes per year and generates an annual turnover of about € 400 Million. Based on a modular design and highly flexible manufacturing capability, Kessler + Co can find ideal solutions for the needs of our international customers.

The company culture is based on confidence, individual responsibility and motivation. We put an emphasis on dependability and responsiveness to our customers, suppliers and employees. Our organization is lean and direct.

We ensure a high standard of quality by emphasizing continuous improvement and intensive education.

Kessler + Co's quality, environmental and energy management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015, DIN ISO 14001:2015 and DIN ISO 50001:2011.