Dedication to Education

Kessler + Co
Dedication to Education

Dedication to Education

Kessler + Co is committed to a high quality standard in its manifold activities in supporting preschool, secondary, academic and professional education.

For 50 years, Kessler + Co has trained young people through apprenticeship programs in technical and commercial professions. The apprenticeship-quota has been about 10 % since many years.

We also are a partner for 19 kindergartens. We spark the children’s interest in science and engineering by joint projects in our apprenticeship workshop. Moreover, children can experience the working environment in a real factory and see production processes with their own eyes.

Kessler + Co has a cooperative agreement with three schools in the surrounding area. With these and others we carry out different projects. For all interested pupils, we offer internship programs for learning about the professional life in technical and commercial work environments.

The foundation “Dr.-Albert-Grimminger-Schulstiftung” supports the secondary school (St. Jakobus Gymnasium) in Abtsgmünd primarily in the fields of science and engineering.

The chair in chipping technology (production engineering) at the University of Aalen is financed by Kessler + Co together with other companies from the area. The Dr.-Albert-Grimminger foundation is one of the initiators and partners of explorhino. explorhino is an initiative to enthuse children and teenagers for science and engineering by allowing them to discover natural phenomena and create technical solutions with their own hands.