airport technology

airport technology

Kessler axles and Transmissions for Aircraft TOW tractors

Kessler manufactures axles for aircraft tow tractors with vehicle weights from 23t to 80t.



ModelOpderation WeightAxle LaodBraking Torque per Wheel EndMinimum Rim SizeWheel Mounting BCD (bolt circle diameter)
LT51PL37523 t120 kN25 kNm 24"335 mm
LT71PL478 28 t140 kN50 kNm25"335 mm
LT81PL48836 t180 kN50 kNm25"425 mm
LT91PL48840 t220 kN50 kNm25"425 mm
LT91VPL41670 t350 kN50 kNm25"500 mm
LT91VPL340/420 60 t300 kN50/90 kNm25"/29"500 mm
LT101PL340/420 80 t400 kN100 kNm35"500 mm


Airport Technology

Kessler axles and Transmissions for ARFF

Kessler manufactures axles and transmissions for airfield rescue and fire fighting vehicles with two, three and four axles.

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