our axLes

Kessler axles

for heavy duty vehicles

We are the world's leading manufacturer of Kessler planetary axles starting from 8t dynamic axle load. The robust design, lightweight manufacturing capabilities and reliability combined with a maximum service life make our axles the first choice.

Steering drive axles

Kessler + Co designs and manufactures planetary steering axles with loads from 8 to 80 t.

Drive axLes

Kessler + Co designs and manufactures planetary drive axles with payloads from 8 to 200 t.

oscillating axles

The steering drive and drive axles from Kessler + Co are also available with integrated or central oscillation.

Tandem and tridem axles

Kessler + Co designs and manufactures tandem and tridem axles with tandem loads from 40 to 80 t.

Independent suspension

Kessler + Co designs and manufactures drive components for independent suspension solutions and independent suspension axle solutions. 

Kessler + Co

Kessler special solutions

Kessler + Co also offers customized solutions for demanding installation space and application conditions. Series components from a flexible modular system as well as housings in a modern welded steel construction are used.

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