Drive axles

Kessler drive axles

Kessler drive axles

Kessler + Co designs and produces planetary drive axles with a capacity of 8 – 200 metric tons.

Our axles are characterized by a superior reliability based on product knowledge proven through many years of field experience. Our modular design allows us to find individual solutions by using high volume components manufactured in highly efficient production plants.

The Kessler drive axles are available with different differential, brake and wheel end options.




axle loads

Brakes Bolt circle
Selected applications
D41 10 t*/22 t** TB, SB, NLB 275 mm Forklift truck, Towing tractor
D71 14 t*/30 t** TB, SB, DSB, NLB 335 mm Crane, Material handling
D81 17 t*/40 t** TB, SB, DSB, NLB 335/425 mm Forklift truck, Dumper
D91 80 t TB, SB, NLB 425/500 mm/KF Loader, Material handling, Forklift truck
D101/D102 110 t SB, NLB 500 mm/KF Forklift truck, Loader
D106 125 t SB, NLB 605 mm/KF Forklift truck, Loader
D111 140 t NLB 605 mm/KF Forklift truck, Dumper
D121 200 t NLB KF Forklift truck



* = high speed operation, ** = low speed operation,
TB = drum brake, SB = disc brake, DSB = air disc brake,
NLB = wet disc brake, KF = clamped rim fixation

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