Power shift transmissions

Kessler power shift transmissions

Kessler power shift transmissions

With the LS610 Kessler + Co offers a solution of two-speed transmission for hydrostatic drive. The maximum transmittable power is 130 kW and the maximum hydraulic motor size is 160 ccm. These transmissions are used in many different applications and vehicle types, such as compact mobile cranes, material handlers and harvesters.

Furthermore the LS2000, a power shift transmission for an electric drive Train, was developed. The transmission provedes two gears with a spread of 2,5 and maximal input turning speed of 6000 rpm. The power shift clutches are designed to synchronize electric motors with a high moment of inertia. Optionally, the gearbox is available with a control unit which performs the switching functions on request on request of the vehicle control via CAN bus.


i 1

i 2 



max. Input

LS610 5,85 / 4,7 1,212 190 mm

hydraulic motor
up to 160 ccm

709 Nm
LS2000 6,6 2,5 625 mm electric motor
2000 Nm




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