material Handling equipment

material Handling equipment

Kessler axles and Transmissions for Material handling equipment

Kessler + Co manufactures axles, gearboxes and powershift transmissions for material handling equipment in scrap, port and log handling with machine operating weights of 23 - 80 t.




Operating weight 

scrap or port handling

Operating Weight in

Log Handling

TiresWheel Mounting BCD (bolt circle diameter)
LT41PL7528 t 23 t20" Dual Tires275/335 mm
LT71PL47835 t30 t20" Dual Tires335 mm
LT81PL48845 t35 t24" Dual Tires425 mm
LT91PL48855 t45 t24" Dual Tires425 mm
LT101VPL341/528 80 t60 t25" Dual Tires500 mm

hydrostatic transmissions


ModelExecutionOperating weightRatio i1Ratio i2 HydromotorInput-Output Drop
VG610two speed gearboxUp To 44 t5,85 / 4,71,517Up To 160 ccm190 mm
LS610powershiftUp To 44 t5,85 / 4,71,212 Up To 160 ccm190 mm
W1650single-stageUp To 75 t1,91 / 2,7--Up To 2 x 160 ccm207 / 187 mm
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